$45 Airbnb Coupon 2020 (and how to get FREE accommodation)

In today’s article, we’re going to talk about how to make use of a $45 Airbnb coupon in 2020 to save money on accommodation. Yes, EVEN if you already have an Airbnb account..!

Get your free Airbnb Coupon by clicking HERE.

Then if getting a free Airbnb discount code isn’t enough (it works in every currency by the way), I’m going to let you in on a little secret which could help you save even more money on future bookings and possibly even get your accommodation for free. Yep, I said FREE.

But first, let’s talk about this Airbnb and why you need to make use of this $45 Airbnb Coupon Code.

What you can expect from this article…

  • 1 The Benefits of Airbnb
  • 2 How to use your $45 Airbnb Coupon
  • 3 How to get your $45 Airbnb Discount Code if you already have an account.
  • 4 Things to Remember about this Airbnb Coupon Code
  • 5 How to get a further Airbnb Discount
  • 6 How To Get Airbnb Accommodation for Free

The Benefits of Airbnb

Airbnb is a brilliant alternative to overpriced hotels which often lack the personal feel.

With Airbnb you can book an entire home or just a room or even a bed in a shared room if you are trying to save money.

In general, the booking process is straightforward and quick and often you’ll get a really good deal on Airbnb with prices much lower than nearby hotels. The bargain gets EVEN better when you apply this Airbnb discount code! (And remember to keep in mind that there are ways to get Airbnb stays for free – more on that later!)

The best thing about booking an Airbnb is that you often get the chance to interact with your host who can offer great local advice and tips – make sure to ask them which restaurants they recommend!

You will also usually get more space and get the opportunity to stay in less touristy and more authentic neighbourhoods.

Do you really need any more reasons to make use of this Airbnb coupon?! Thought not..!

How to use your $45 Airbnb Coupon

Using your 2020 Airbnb discount code is really simple. All you have to do is follow this link and follow the prompts. The Airbnb coupon will be applied directly to your account and you will see the benefits when you book your first stay.

Remember you can use your Airbnb coupon for bookings anywhere in the world!

Step 1 Follow this link to claim your $45 Airbnb coupon. (There is no Airbnb coupon code you need to apply, just simply follow the link.)

Step 2 Register your email address and follow the prompts to set up your account. Your Airbnb discount code will automatically be applied to your account as soon as you open it.

Step 3 Choose your first Airbnb accommodation. It needs to amount to a minimum of 70 (or £50) in total for your Airbnb coupon to be valid. That does not have to be $70 per night only for the entire stay. So if it’s $25 per night and you book 3 nights accommodation, you will get $45 off the $75 regular fee with your Airbnb coupon making your new fee just $30 for 3 nights. What a bargain!

Step 4 Book and pay as normal. Your Airbnb coupon code will automatically get applied to your account and will be discounted when you come to pay.


How to get your $45 Airbnb Discount Code if you already have an account.

This Airbnb coupon only works for new Airbnb accounts. So you may be thinking there’s no point getting the voucher if you’ve already used Airbnb in the past?

Well, there’s a simple way around that.

There is nothing to stop you from using this link and registering for a new account with a new email address! You can always set up a new free email account with Gmail or Yahoo if needed. Or failing that, get your partner or friend whom you are travelling with to register and share the savings of this Airbnb discount between you.

Airbnb will now see you as a new user and you can now make use of your Airbnb coupon as normal!

Top Tip! If you are taken straight to your old Airbnb profile as soon as you try to register for a new one, try opening a different browser eg Safari or Firefox or failing that, open an incognito window.


Things to Remember about this Airbnb Coupon Code

  • Remember you do not need an Airbnb discount code. You only need to follow this link
  • The Airbnb coupon will then be applied to your account and will be activated when you make your first purchase amounting to >$70 or £55
  • This Airbnb discount code only works for your first booking. BUT, you could always come back to this code, make a new account and save again. (Why not bookmark this post for later?)
  • If you are not ready to book now, just register now and your credit will remain on your account until you’re ready to book! This way you won’t have to worry about finding this article when you need it!

GET YOUR FREE AIRBNB COUPON HEREDid you know you can also get a similar discount with a Booking.com coupon? Claim yours HERE.

How to get a further Airbnb Discount

If this Airbnb coupon isn’t enough, there are ways to get further Airbnb discounts.

The homeowner can actually choose to apply a ‘special offer’ and may do so if you reach out directly to them.

Instead of clicking ‘book now’ or ‘request to book,’ click on ‘contact host.’ Now you can contact the host directly and start a conversation about a possible Airbnb discount.

Now you need to do this respectfully and always make sure you are paying a fair price but it may be that you and the host can come to an agreement that satisfies you both.

You are more likely to be able to seek an Airbnb discount if you are booking a prolonged stay. Having one guest for a longer period of time is significantly less hassle for the host and so they may agree to offer you an Airbnb discount.

Equally, if you are booking at very late notice, sometimes the host would rather have their property filled at a discount price than not at all. It is times like this that may be appropriate to negotiate.

How To Get Airbnb Accommodation for Free

So you’ve had your Airbnb coupon, maybe even more than one, and you’ve secured an air bnb discount, what next?!

Well, you could earn yourself some Airbnb credit by referring your own friends. For every friend you refer, you could earn $30 credit which will be applied to your own account. You can earn up to $5000 in credit annually if you refer enough friends.

This is how you may be able to get accommodation on Airbnb for free!

Try sharing your coupon code in an email, on social media or via text or Whatsapp. If your friends are unsure how to use it, refer them to this article but make sure they use YOUR code to sign up so that YOU get the profit!

So now you’ve learnt how to get and use your free Airbnb 2020 coupon, you know how to negotiate an Airbnb discount and you know how you can potentially travel for free with Airbnb!

I hope if you’ve found this article useful, you’ll share it with your friends and family. I’ve created some handy pins for sharing on Pinterest and there are social media share buttons below. As always, I love hearing from you in the comments section. Perhaps you could tell us about your favourite Airbnb property you’ve stayed at so far?

If you follow this Airbnb coupon link, I will earn credit on my own Airbnb account and for this, I am very grateful. It allows me to travel more and keep creating more travel content for this blog!

GET YOUR FREE AIRBNB COUPONOr for a booking.com voucher if you prefer hotels, click HERE

Remember you do not have to book your accommodation immediately. Once you have registered through the above link, the credit will remain on your account until you are ready to use it!

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