18 of the Cheapest Countries in Europe For Travel in 2023

If you are looking to stretch your travel budget, you may be wondering, which are the cheapest countries in Europe to travel to?!

The good news is that there are many affordable countries within Europe and you do not have to travel to typical budget destinations like SE Asia to enjoy a budget holiday!

Whilst many of the cheapest countries in Europe are based in the East, you may be surprised by how affordable some countries like Portugal and Southern Spain can be.

If you are travelling Europe on a budget, it is best to stick to off-the-beaten-track destinations and avoid staying in the city centres as usually rural Europe is considerably cheaper. Also, consider travelling off-peak and avoid the school summer holidays (usually from Late July to early September.)

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    I’ve asked my travel colleagues about the cheapest countries in Europe they have travelled to and why they loved them. I’ve also asked them how much to budget for each country and here are the results…

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    What you can expect from this article…

    • 1 The Cheapest Countries In Europe to travel to this year
      • 1.1 Albania
      • 1.2 Macedonia
      • 1.3 Georgia
      • 1.4 Romania
      • 1.5 Armenia
      • 1.6 Lithuania
      • 1.7 Portugal
      • 1.8 Turkey
      • 1.9 Bulgaria
      • 1.10 Slovakia
      • 1.11 Spain
      • 1.12 Montenegro
      • 1.13 Belarus
      • 1.14 Croatia
      • 1.15 Estonia
      • 1.16 Malta
      • 1.17 Ukraine
      • 1.18 The Czech Republic

    The Cheapest Countries In Europe to travel to this year


    By Emily Lush from Wander-lush.org

    Why visit Albania?

    Dramatic mountains, white-sand beaches and charming fortified towns – Albania has it all. Top it off with old-fashioned hospitality, incredible local cuisine and relatively thin summer crowds, and you have one of Europe’s best budget travel destinations.

    Start with a few days in Tirana, Albania’s quirky capital city, where old nuclear bunkers are used as art galleries, and the castle has been transformed into a dining precinct.

    Head north to the Accursed Mountains for the Valbone to Theth trek, a single-day hike through one of the most impressive landscapes in the Balkans. Medieval towns including Berat and Gjirokaster (both UNESCO-listed), Kruje, Shkoder and Korce all elucidate different chapters of Albanian history through fascinating house museums, heritage architecture and lively bazaars.

    If it’s the right season, spend some time lazing about on the Albanian Riviera, especially on the beaches around Saranda.

    How much does a trip to Albania Cost?

    • Cost of a hostel: From €6
    • Cost of a hotel: From €20
    • Cost of meal out: €3 (local cafe) to €11 (restaurant)
    • Cost of a beer/wine: €1.50
    • Cost of internal transport e.g. buses/taxi/trains: €1-4 for short journeys; up to €8 for longer trips
    • Overall approx. cost per day: €20-€35

    Top tip | Family-run guesthouses usually include breakfast in the nightly rate and can help organise group tours and onward transportation, often for a lower price.


    By Roshni of TheWanderlustWithin.com

    Why visit Macedonia?

    Macedonia is the hidden gem of the Balkans. With its lively culture, delicious food, picturesque villages and rich history, it’s a destination that will please any traveller that loves to explore off the beaten track destinations. 

    The capital Skopje, is known for its countless statues but just 15km from the city lies Matka canyon, a hotspot for hikers, and those who love watersports. The area is tropical like that it felt more like Vietnam or Mexico than anywhere in Europe!

    However, my favourite spot in Macedonia lies on the border of Albania. Lake Ohrid, is one of the oldest and deepest lakes in Europe and is a great place to sail, kayak, paraglide or scuba dive. For those who love culture, they have to try and visit many of the 365 churches found in Ohrid.

    How much does a trip to Macedonia cost?

    • Cost of a hostel: 10 EUR per night
    • Cost of a hotel: 30 EUR per night
    • Cost of meal out: 4 EUR
    • Cost of a beer/: 1.35 EUR 
    • Cost of internal transport: Buses between cities are plentiful, the 3-hour journey from Skopje to Ohrid costs 8 EUR one way and 11 EUR return.

    • Overall approx cost per day: 25-45 EUR

    Top tip | Try paragliding in Ohrid for 49 EUR, its the cheapest I’ve seen in Europe!


    By Chris Backe of WorthyGo.com

    Why visit Georgia?

    Georgia’s days as an unknown Eastern European country are over — while tensions with Russia continue to simmer, the country offers plenty to see, a fair bit to do, and quite a bit to eat. It’s a fine base whether you’re a digital nomad (citizens of over 90 countries may stay visa-free for up to a year) or just going for a few days.

    The capital, Tbilisi, is the most obvious place to start, but tourists should consider checking out the revitalized areas of seaside Batumi as well. If road trips are your thing, the city of Gori 1 hour away dedicates a museum to Stalin and holds the UNESCO World Heritage site of Uplistsikhe, a well-preserved ancient city.

    I’d personally skip Borjomi, though — a museum of local lore was just OK, and what was hyped as the spring of sparkling water was anything but tasty.

    How much does a trip to Georgia Cost?

    • Cost of a hostel: 7 EUR for a bed and up
    • Cost of a hotel: 25 EUR and up.
    • Cost of meal out: around 9 EUR for two people (without alcohol)
    • Cost of a beer/wine: between 1.25 and 2 EUR at typical bars or restaurants.
    • Cost of internal transport eg buses/taxi/trains: 0.16 EUR
    • Overall approx cost per day: doable with 20 EUR a day, comfortable with 35 EUR a day.

    Top tip | Machakhela is a local chain of restaurants that offers up a classy feel with large portions and reasonable prices. Ready for more? See Tbilisi’s best street art over here.


    By Karolina of KasrolinaPatryk.com

    Why visit Romania?

    Romania is probably one of the cheapest places to travel around Europe. For less than $50 a day, you will be able to explore the medieval castles and fortresses that dot the lush countryside of Transylvania. 

    Made popular by the work of Bram Stoker, Romania is usually filled with tourists who are captivated by the mystery of the legendary Count Dracula, putting the Bran Castle, rumoured to be the home of Vlad Tepes, the cruel historical figure that the famous count was based on, on top of the list of places to visit.

    However, if you are looking for the place which he frequented and conducted most of his gruesome tortures, then pay a visit to the ruins of the Poeinari Fortress.

    You may also want to follow the famous Wallachian noble to his grave to the Snagov Monastery which is surrounded by a magnificent lake. 

    How much does a trip to Romania cost?

    • Cost of Hostel: USD7.50 per night
    • Cost of Hotel: USD17 per night for a 3-Star Hotel
    • Cost of Meal Out: USD4 for a daily menu, USD11 for a full lunch or dinner menu
    • Cost of Beer / Wine: USD1.50 to USD2 per serving (beer); USD3 to USD5 per serving (wine)
    • Cost of internal transport (eg. Buses/taxi/trains): USD5 to USD10 for short train trips that are under 100 km. For longer trips, expect to pay USD75 to USD90 depending on the class of your berth. Buses are generally under USD14 and taxis cost 50 cents per km.
    • Overall Approximate Cost Per Day: USD35

    Top Tip |Traditional food in Romania is delicious! There are many street food stalls where you can get pretzels, sandwiches, shawarmas, meatballs, and other traditional comfort foods for just under a dollar.


    By Maggie of TheWorldWasHereFirst.com

    Why visit Armenia?

    Though Eastern Europe, in general, is known for being affordable to travel in, the small nation of Armenia might just take the cake for the most budget-friendly European destination.

    Nestled in the Caucasus bordering Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey, Armenia is known for its vibrant capital of Yerevan, its beautiful monasteries and Christian history, and its impeccable natural scenery. If you’re considering a trip to Armenia, these are the prices that you can expect:

    While most people visit Armenia as part of a completely organised tour, you can save so much money if you travel independently and make sure you support local businesses and buy locally produced products.

    Also, many of the top attractions to visit in Armenia (including the beautiful monasteries and the incredible mountains) are perfectly free to access, meaning your daily travel expenses won’t be too high. All in all, if you’re looking for an underrated European destination that will be easy on your budget, then Armenia is an excellent choice!

    How much does a trip to Armenia cost?

    • Cost of a hostel: €5-10 per night
    • Cost of a hotel: €15-20 for a family-run guesthouse, €20-30 for a budget hotel
    • Cost of meal out: €5-10 per person
    • Cost of a beer/wine: €1-3 for a glass of local wine or beer at a restaurant
    • Cost of internal transport eg buses/taxi/trains: €1-5 per journey via minibus or train
    • Overall approx cost per day: you can easily spend less than €30 per day


    By Mary of AMaryRoad.com

    Why Visit Lithuania

    Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania is one of the most overlooked destinations in Europe. What many family travellers don’t know is that Vilnius is great for kids at the same time it is very cost-friendly. It is also one of the most affordable places I’ve been in Europe – experiencing the real European vibe without spending too much.

    Visit Uzupis, the art capital of Vilnius where you can explore and have fun and adore the arts in every corner of the town. From the giant swing on the river, broken pianos on the riverside, Jesus the backpacker statue, and many more.

    Check out the Greenlakes and rent a canoe for as cheap as €6 for two people or a pedal boat for €12. 

    Also, if you have kids, take them to the Trakai Castle where you can do more water activities during summer or walk on the frozen lake during winter.

    You can join free walking tours in Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipeda which is located in the Baltic Sea. Check this what to do in Vilnius article for more ideas.

    How much does a trip to Lithuania cost?

    • Cost of a hostel: between €5-€15/ bunk bed
    • Cost of a hotel: €20-€35/ double bedroom
    • Cost of a meal out: €4 is the average for a decent casual restaurant, €2 in a street food stall / fast food
    • Cost of a beer/wine: €2 for a 330 ml, €5 for a litre of cider or beer.
    • Cost of internal transport eg buses/taxi/trains: €0.66 per ride (around the city), €1.5 from the city centre to suburbs. €3 for a taxi around the city (15 min ride), €4 for a train to the next city (3-hour ride)
    • Overall approx cost per day: €15-€20/day if on budget, €30-€50 per day for comfortable travelling

    Top Tip | Use public transportation, trains or buses when going around the city, going to another city, and even crossing the borders.

    I also recommend taking a free walking tour (tip-based.)

    I stayed at Jimmy Jumps House which was one of the most known hostels in Vilnius, perfect place to meet other travellers if you are solo, while I couch surfed my way in Kaunas.


    Campbell & Alya/Stingy Nomads

    Why visit Portugal?

    Portugal is an amazing country with many interesting places to visit and exciting things to do, anybody regardless of age and interests will find places and activities they enjoy.

    Another reason to visit Portugal is the people locals are very friendly, helpful and hospitable even if you don’t speak Portuguese you’ll be able to communicate here as quite a lot of people speak English. 

    Portugal is a real paradise for outdoor lovers from surfing and diving in the Algarve and the Azores islands to hiking and cycling along some of the famous routes like the Portuguese Camino de Santiago or the Rota Vicentina.

    Of course not to forget about sightseeing Lisbon, Porto or Coimbra are not to miss when visiting Portugal. The Azores Islands and Madeira are perfect places for a beach holiday.

    How much does a trip to Portugal Cost?

    • Cost of a hostel: Depending on the location (city centre or not), the area and the season a bed in a hostel costs between 12 Euro and 20 Euro. It’s possible to find a bed in Lisbon for 10 Euro. 
    • Cost of a hotel: Same with a hotel it depends on the location and on the season, a budget double room from 30 Euro. 
    • Eating out: Popular lunch option Menu do Dia (a set meal with bread and drinks) costs 10 Euro. A sandwich or a pie and a cup of coffee or a cool drink in a bar will cost 3-4 Euro. 
    • Cost of a beer/wine: A glass of wine or a beer in a bar costs between 1-1,5 Euro. 
    • Cost of transport: Trains are the cheapest and the fastest option to travel between the cities, a train ride from Lisbon to Porto costs 25 Euro. For a bus ride from Lisbon to Alentejo or Algarve, you’ll pay between 15 Euro and 25 Euro depending on the distance.
    • Average cost per day: 35-45 Euro per person per day.


    By Kate of OurEscapeClause.com

    Why Visit Turkey?

    As a global region that has been the nexus of culture between Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East for thousands of years, Turkey (including its European portion, which we’ll be sticking to here) belongs on the bucket list of any budget traveler hoping to experience fascinating history, engaging culture, and delicious food–all at low prices.

    Above all else, when visiting the European portion of Turkey, you absolutely must come to Istanbul.

    Absolutely packed with fun things to do–including historical monuments brought to the city by both the Byzantines and the Ottomans–it is impossible to be bored in Istanbul.

    Be sure to visit the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, and Galata Tower while visiting Istanbul–and that just scratches the surface!

    How much does a trip to Turkey Cost?

    • Cost of Hostel: 10-20 Euros
    • Cost of Hotel: 15 Euros & up — 40-50 will get you a nice budget hotel in a great location.
    • Cost of Meal Out: 5-15 Euros
    • Cost of Beer/Wine: 3-5 Euros 
    • Cost of Internal Transport: Within Istanbul, less than 1 Euro for a metro ride or 5+ Euros for a taxi, depending on the distance.
    • Overall approximate cost: Around 40 Euros/day for budget travellers will be comfortable.

    Top Tip | If you’re only going to be in Istanbul for a short time, consider staying in the Little Hagia Sophia area–it’s quiet neighbourhood, not great for nightlife, but if you want to see the major historic sights quickly, you can stay here for lower prices than staying right in the historic area whilst also being within walking distance of places like the Hagia Sophia.


    By Sarah of ASocialNomad.com

    Why Visit Bulgaria?

    Bulgaria combines the cosmopolitan cities of Sofia and Plovdiv with the mountain town of Bansko – the cheapest ski resort in Europe and Sunny Beach, the cheapest ski resort in Europe.  In Bulgaria, you’ll get great fresh food, cost-effective public transport and well-maintained roads if you want to self-drive.  There are beach resorts, mountain villages and incredible National Parks.

    Plovdiv is one of the best cities to visit in Bulgaria – combining a Mediterranean outdoor lifestyle with an incredible and diverse history and architecture.  For a more rural aspect, the ski town of Bansko outside of ski season is beautiful for hiking, outdoor adventures and free music festivals in summer months.

    How much does a trip to Bulgaria cost?

    • Cost of a hostel: 7 euros a night
    • Cost of a hotel: 10 euros a night
    • Cost of a meal out: 6 euros
    • Cost of a beer/wine: 2 euros for a beer, 4 euros for a half litre of house wine
    • Cost of internal transport eg buses/taxi/trains: 3 euros for a 5-hour train journey
    • Overall approx cost per day: 20 euros a day

    Top Tip |Go out of main season – visit Bansko in summer and stay at the 5 stars Kempinski Arena for amazing rates – as low as 35 euros a night with onsite pools and spa.


    Suggested by Pashmina from TheGoneGoat.com

    Why visit Slovakia?

    The picturesque and quaint Bratislava in Slovakia is one of the most unassuming and underrated cities in Central Europe. For less than $50 a day, you can experience how a 25-year-old country managed to carve its own identity compared to the popular neighbouring destinations like Vienna and Budapest.

    One day in Slovakia on a day trip is enough for you to glean over the sights and learn more about their history without spending a fortune. 

    Visit the alien-like UFO space-ship dotting the skyline of Bratislava for $9. The UFO Tower is a great piece of work by the 70s’ of the Communist times with a circular observation deck and a retro cafe serving cocktails.

    Other great things to do include visiting the Slovak pub and trying their traditional slovak dish – the Bryndzové Halušky, that resembles a gnocchi-pasta dish. Couple this with a Slovak lager or a Kofola drink, a cheaper alternative to Coca-cola served during the communist times and you get a traditional meal for $10.

    How much does a trip to Slovakia cost?

    • Cost of a hostel: 20 Euros
    • Cost of a hotel: 40 Euros
    • Cost of a meal out: 8 Euros
    • Cost of a beer/wine: 0.90 Euros
    • Cost of internal transport eg buses/taxi/trains: 7 Euros
    • Overall approx cost per day: 36 Euros

    Top Tip| Try the Zeppelin Cafe and Souvenirs shop as this is the ultimate place to get at least 8 things for under $10.


    Suggested by Vicki of VickiViaja.com

    Spain is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever been to. Right after visiting for the first time I even moved there. Also, the food and the locals are amazing.

    There are so many wonderful places throughout the country to visit. I’d recommend visiting some of the beaches as some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe are located in Spain. Another thing that should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list is spending at least one day in Barcelona. In general, visiting the South of the country is way cheaper than visiting the Northern part.

    How much does a trip to Spain cost?

    Cost of a hostel: This varies depending on the location. You can stay in hostels starting from € 8 a night in some regions of the country.
    Cost of a Hotel: Hotel rooms start from € 30 (for 2 people) per night.
    Cost of Meal out: In the South, you only pay for your drink while you get the tapas for free. But even in more expensive cities such as Barcelona, you can get a big menu including 2 dishes, dessert and drink already for € 10 or less.
    Cost of beer/ Wine: It makes a huge difference whether you drink in a tourist or local area. On average you pay around € 1,5 for a beer and slightly more for a glass of wine.
    Cost of transport: In Barcelona, you pay around € 1 per trip if you have a ticket for 10 trips, in many other places even less.

    Overall approx cost per day: Depending on where you stay in the country and what kind of traveller you are you can visit Spain for as little as about € 45 per day.

    Top Tip |  If you are eating out, always check the daily offer (Menú del Día) as it often is much cheaper than ordering single dishes


    Recommended by Maria & Rui from TwoFindAWay.com

    Why visit Montenegro?

    Montenegro is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, and we’re sure you’ll agree once you see the photos of Montenegro we took while there. There’s a unique charm in this Balkan country that we’re yet to find anywhere else in the world.

    Even though it’s small in size, there’s something for everyone: from the blue waters of the Adriatic sea lined with Europe’s southernmost fjords, to rugged mountains and pristine lakes, and lively cities rapidly changing.

    The country is stunning and filled with a wide variety of things to do and places to explore. The crown jewel is the Bay of Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its natural and cultural value.

    The Old Town of the harbour city of Kotor seems straight out of a fairytale, as its charm has been preserved over the years. The natural beauty around is also hard to believe, and there’s plenty more to see in the country.

    Explore other towns along the coast, but try to dedicate some time to the natural parks, namely Lovcen and Durmitor.

    How much does a trip to Montenegro Cost?

    • Cost of a hostel: 5€ – 20€
    • Cost of a hotel: 30€ – 100€
    • Cost of a meal out: 5€ – 20€
    • Cost of a beer/wine: 2€ – 5€
    • Cost of internal transport eg buses/taxi/trains: 1€ – 20€
    • Overall approx cost per day: 30€ – 50€ There’s plenty on offer for every budget, but you can see some of the country’s most beautiful sights for a very small price if you’re willing to go for the more affordable options!

    Top Tip | We really enjoyed 360Monte’s Great Montenegro Tour and felt it was a great price for the value we received in return.


    Recommended by Iris from MindOfAHitchhiker.com

    Why Visit Belarus?

    Once inaccessible except to those who are resolute, Belarus is letting go of its tough-luck visa policies and opening its doors a little more. This Eastern European country isn’t just cheap; it’s great value for money. What buys you a very meagre standard of living in other countries gets you quite a pleasant stay in Belarus. The people aren’t really used to non-Russian tourists, so it’s a great opportunity to pick up some Russian or Belarusian phrases.

    For activities, you can hang around the capital city Minsk and go up the singular National Library. For enjoying pristine nature, head out into the wild at the Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park in the west of the country, or the Braslaw Lakes in the north. You can find delicious and filling meals everywhere in Belarus with a glass of refreshing birch sap juice or a local beer on the side.

    How much will a trip to Belarus cost?

    • Cost of a Hostel: €6-10 per person per night
    • Cost of a Hotel: €30
    • Cost of a meal out: €5
    • Cost of a beer or wine: €1.50
    • Cost of transport (bus/taxi/trains): starts from €1 for a bus ride to a different town. A 50-kilometre taxi ride with the Yandex taxi app costs €15 including tip.
    • Approximate cost per day: €40 per person and you’re living the high-life!

    Top tip | check the visa policy for your passport beforehand whether it’s better to arrive at Minsk-2 Airport for a visa on arrival, or if you need to arrange a visa beforehand.


    Suggested by Christine Rogador of CroatiaTravelGuides.com 

    Why visit Croatia?

    Croatia is a popular budget destination in Southeastern Europe. Famous for its medieval towns, turquoise sailing waters, and exceptional food, this Mediterranean country is what perfect holidays are made of. 

    The country also boasts some of the best beaches and nature parks in Europe. On top of this, it’s still cheap compared to the more popular holiday places like Italy, Portugal, and Spain.  

    Croatia has some of the most impressive architecture and a visit to Pula will take you back to the Roman empire period. The famous old town of Dubrovnik brings King Landing to life with its impressive medieval architecture.

    If you like nature, the picture-perfect national parks of Plitvice and Krka will also impress you. You can also check out the coast of Dalmatia for the best islands and beaches in the country. Also, check out Zagreb for its amazing and fascinating museums. 

    How much does a trip to Croatia cost?

    • Cost of a hostel: For main cities like Zagreb and Zadar, it can be between €10-20. But a popular tourist destination like Dubrovnik and Split, it can be between €20-40
    • Cost of a hotel: You can find hotels from €50 for Zagreb and Zadar but in Dubrovnik and Split most hotels start from €100.
    • Cost of a meal out: €3-€10 depending on the location. 
    • Cost of a beer/wine: A bottle of beer from bars is between €2-3 but from the store, it costs half that. 
    • Cost of internal transport eg buses/taxi/trains: €4 /day or €10 for a 3-day tram pass. A single ticket is also available for 50 cents for 30 minutes or €1.3 for 90 minutes. Taxi rides can set you back between €4-10 for short-distance trips. Bus between towns and cities can cost between €10-30. 
    • Overall approx cost per day: €30-40 For Zagreb and Zadar. For Dubrovnik and Split, it can be between €40-50. 

    Top Tip | Take a water tumbler with you and fill it up with tap water. It is safe to drink and bottled water, especially in touristic places like Dubrovnik, can cost up to €3 and this will add up at the end of the day. If you like baked goods, there are lots of local bakeries in Croatia that serve really awesome pastries and coffee for less than 50 cents each.  


    Suggested by Lesia from the DutchWannabe.com

    Why visit Estonia?

    Estonia and Tallinn, in particular, is the perfect destination for budget travellers who love charming medieval cities with fantastic views. Tallinn’s Old Town is not only filled with lots of history but also plenty of gastronomical spots that will help perk you up after a long walk around its beautiful cobblestone streets.

    There are many things to do in Tallinn. Climb to the top of the hill to enjoy city-wide views from the Patkuli platform (free). Visit into the III Draakon on the Raekoja square for an authentic meal in a medieval candle-lit pub (5-10 euros per meal.) Take a walking tour of the city center to discover hidden alleyways and learn about Tallinn’s history (15 euros.) You can also take a walking tour of the city centre to discover hidden alleyways and learn about Tallinn’s history (15 euros.)

    How much will a trip to Estonia cost?

    • Cost of a hostel: bunk beds from 12 euros / private rooms from 30
    • Cost of a hotel: decent hotel around 50-60 euros per night depending on dates
    • Cost of meal out: 5-15 euros for lunch
    • Cost of a beer/wine: I don’t drink wine or beer so I can’t say for sure but in a good restaurant you can get wine from 6.5 euros, 3 euros for draught beer

    Cost of internal transport: 2 euros for a bus ticket or 1 euro if you’re buying a QR code ticket.

    Approximate cost per day: 50 euros or less

    Top tip | Come during the Christmas Market for a dreamy winter destination or wait for the Medieval Days festival in the first week of July to complete your experience


    Suggested by Erika from ErikasTravels.com

    Why Visit Malta?

    Malta is a small Mediterranean country that consists of three distinct islands. The country’s location between Italy and North Africa has resulted in a fusion of linguistic, cultural and architectural elements that make the island chain unique.

    Malta is an unassuming country that is slowly becoming a traveller’s favourite. Malta is inexpensive, architecturally interesting and easy to get around. The country boasts beautiful beaches, stunning cities, quaint fishing villages and some of the world’s oldest archaeological sites. 

    For a country of its size, Malta has a lot to offer. Highlights of visiting Malta include strolling through the pretty cities of Valletta and Mdina, admiring the colourful fishing village of Marsaxlokk, relaxing at the Blue Lagoon of Comino and soaking in the natural splendour of Gozo. 

    How much does a trip to Malta cost?

    • Cost of a hostel: From €18
    • Cost of a hotel: From €25
    • Cost of meal out: €10-15
    • Cost of a beer/wine: €3
    • Cost of internal transport eg buses/taxi/trains: €2 for a single fare ticket €21 for a three-day pass
    • Overall approx cost per day: €40

    Top tip for visiting Malta |  The sprawling city of St Julian’s sits across the bay from Valletta and is accessible by ferry for €1.50. The accommodation options in St Julian’s are significantly cheaper than those found in Valletta. The Boho Hostel, in particular, has clean rooms and a lovely communal area. 


    Suggested by Megan and Aram from Meganstarr.com

    Why visit Ukraine?

    I think one of the best places to travel to in Europe on a budget is Ukraine. Ukraine is a country that is on the brink of becoming one of the world’s top tourism destinations in the next couple of years and it is amazing cities like Kyiv and Lviv that help push it toward this.

    Ukraine has something for everyone- from UNESCO religious sites to the Carpathian mountains, it’s a fantastic destination for all types of travellers.

    If you head to the capital, you will find many free and affordable things to do in Kyiv. There are historic monasteries like Kyiv Pechersk Lavra and St. Andrew’s and then there are some of the coolest cafes you will ever step foot into, especially in Podil.

    Head to Lviv for some European charm or east to Kharkiv for a mixture of Soviet architecture and a lot of green spaces.  Odesa is coastal and has a completely different vibe to the rest of the country and Dnipro, formerly Dnipropetrovsk, is quite possibly one of the most fascinating places in the entire country since it was a closed Soviet city for so many years and unable to be visited.

    There are many places to visit in Ukraine and they are all exceptional value for travellers.

    How much does a trip to Ukraine Cost?

    • Cost of a hostel: $4-5
    • Cost of a hotel: $30 
    • Cost of meal out: $3-5
    • Cost of a beer/wine: $1-2
    • Cost of internal transport eg buses/taxi/trains: $0.20
    • Overall approx cost per day: can be under $15 or as high as you want. That is the great thing about Ukraine – it’s great for any budget!

    The Czech Republic

    Suggested by Parampara from AwaraDiaries.com

    Why visit the Czech Republic?

    When it comes to cheap European destinations to travel to, the Czech Republic is somewhere on the top of the list. The Czech Republic is undoubtedly one of the most underrated destinations in the heart of Europe with a wide range of culture, activities, and experiences to lure tourists.

    While many believe that tourism in this Bohemian country is all about its capital city, Prague, the truth is that Czech towns offer contrasting flavours and landscapes to enjoy. The country is well connected by an efficient transport network, making commute by roads and train easy, quick and cost-effective.

    The capital city of Prague has much to explore starting with a walk across the Charles Bridge, the gorgeous Prague Castle, also known as the Disney Castle, Kafka Museum, Old Town Square, etc.

    For thermal springs and the local liquor, Becherovka, one must visit the spa town of Karlovy Vary.

    Česky Krumlov is a medieval town to the south of Prague and is one of the most sought-after destinations in the country after the capital. Česky Krumlov can easily be explored on a day trip from the capital and is must-visit for its old-world charm.

    No matter what time of the year, you must consider hiking in the Bohemian region. These hikes to Bohemian Switzerland and the nearby scenic regions are a must.

    Must-try foods in Czech would include Confit of Duck with bread dumplings, Roasted Pork, Trout Fish, Potato Dumplings, Czech Potato Soup, Tredlniks, and Czech Beer (Pilsner, Budweiser)

    How much will a trip to the Czech Republic cost?

    • Cost of a hostel: €10 onwards
    • Cost of a hotel: €25 onwards 
    • Cost of meal out: €6 onwards
    • Cost of a beer/wine: €1 beer/ €3 wine
    • Cost of internal transport e.g. buses/taxi/trains: €5.90 (daily public transport pass)
    • Overall approx. cost per day: €30/ day 

    Top Tip | If you plan on visiting multiple cities, consider buying a Czech Train Pass (České Dráhy Pass).

    Try the free walking tours starting at the Charles Bridge to get the perfect overview of the city.

    I hope you’ve been inspired by some of the cheapest countries to travel to this year. Which one has made it onto your bucket list?!

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