2 Weeks in Sri Lanka with G Adventures: A Group Tour Review

Is Sri Lanka on your travel bucket list yet?

If not it needs to be! With luscious rainforest, tea plantations, national parks teeming with wildlife and exotic beaches all on the agenda, Sri Lanka really does have it all. With 2 weeks in Sri Lanka, you can see all of this and more…

Today I’m going to be reviewing the adventure group tour of Sri Lanka I took with G Adventures, a company I have travelled with many many times. I had 2 weeks in Sri Lanka with G Adventures, having the time of my life

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What you can expect from this article…

  • 1 So Why Sri Lanka? 
  • 2 What is G Adventures anyway?
  • 3 Is it safe to travel to Sri Lanka?
  • 4 G Adventures Sri Lanka Encompassed Itinerary – How I spent my 2 weeks in Sri Lanka
    • 4.1 Day 1 – Arrival
    • 4.2 Day 2 – Colombo to Negombo
    • 4.3 Day 3 – Negombo to Sigiriya
    • 4.4 Day 4 – Dambulla cave Temples to Minneriya National Park Safari
    • 4.5 Day 5 – Kandy
    • 4.6 Day 6 – Kandy to Tamarind Gardens Homestay
    • 4.7 Day 7 – The Tea Plantations and Nuwara Eliyah
    • 4.8 Day 8 – Horton Plains and the Ella Train Jouney
    • 4.9 Day 9 – Ella Rock and Nine Arch Bridge
    • 4.10 Day 10 – Little Adams Peak Hike and Yala National Park
    • 4.11 Day 11 – Yala National Park to Mirissa
    • 4.12 Day 12 – Day trip to Galle
    • 4.13 Day 13 – Free time in Mirissa
    • 4.14 Day 14 – Departure day
  • 5 My Review of G Adventures Group Tour Sri Lanka Encompassed. 
    • 5.1 Our Group
    • 5.2 The Good
    • 5.3 The Bad 
    • 5.4 Would I recommend this Sri Lanka group tour to my besties? 
  • 6 Frequently asked questions about G Adventures Tours in Sri Lanka
    • 6.1 How many people are there on a G Adventures group tour in Sri Lanka? 
    • 6.2 Will I have my own room on a G Adventures tour?
    • 6.3 What is the accommodation like on a Sri Lanka group tour? 
    • 6.4 How will we get between places? 
    • 6.5 How much money will I need for the Sri Lanka Encompassed trip? 
    • 6.6 Will I have to carry my luggage everywhere? 
    • 6.7 What if I need some time to myself? 
    • 6.8 Is Sri Lanka safe for female travellers? 
    • 6.9 Was there wifi at the hotels?
    • 6.10 Is Sri Lanka ok for vegetarians and vegans? 
    • 6.11 I want to stay a few extra days at either end of the trip. Can G Adventures help me organise that? 
    • 6.12 Is there a loyalty scheme for G Adventures?
    • 6.13 What is the best time to book a trip to Sri Lanka with G Adventures? 
    • 6.14 What should I pack for a G Adventures group tour? 
    • 6.15 Are there other G Adventures tours in Sri Lanka? 
  • 7 Post-trip recommendations for if you have more than 2 weeks in Sri Lanka
    • 7.1 Option 1 – Dalawella Beach – if you only have a few days.
    • 7.2 Option 2 – Sailing in North Sri Lanka – great to explore a different side to Sri Lanka
    • 7.3 Option 3 – A Maldives Dhoni Cruise
    • 7.4 Read More…

So Why Sri Lanka? 

It’s hard to put into words why I love Sri Lanka so much. It’s like an assault on the senses. The lingering heady waft of incense, women wearing vivid colourful saris, intense sunsets, the fragrant curries, the crashing of the waves on otherwise serene beaches…

People told me I would love it but I wasn’t expecting to fall quite so head over heels as I did. Sri Lanka well and truly stole my heart.

There are ancient temples to explore, beaches to relax on, rain forest scenery to hike amongst and its one of the best places to go on safari for wildlife fanatics. It’s also one of the friendliest places I’ve been in Asia and somewhere I always felt safe.

Sri Lanka has only recently become a tourist hot spot and this year was ranked number one tourist destination by The Lonely Planet. It won’t be long before tourists are flocking there in their masses. I’d recommend going BEFORE this happens.

Sri Lanka is one of those up and coming destinations which is at its tourism peak right now – enough tourist infrastructure for the ease of travel but without being ruined by mass tourism and high rise beach resorts.

I’ve recently finished a G Adventures Sri Lanka group tour and would wholeheartedly recommend this tour to anyone. It was my 7th trip with them (I’ve now done my 8th – a Maldives dhoni cruise.) Every trip I have taken has been absolutely fantastic.

So I decided to write this G Adventures Sri Lanka Encompassed review to show you exactly why I loved my 2 weeks in Sri Lanka so much and why will be recommending this Sri Lanka group tour to all of my besties…

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What is G Adventures anyway?

G Adventures is a global adventure travel company specialising in small group, ethical tours which venture off the beaten track and give back to the local community.  

They offer adventure tours on all seven continents and so far, I have travelled with them in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, The Galapagos, Peru and The Maldives.

Their tours are always reasonably priced and each trip has a “ripple score” which reflects how much money goes back into the community. This transparency is one of the reasons I choose G Adventures over other companies.

G Adventures is dedicated to ploughing as much money as possible back into the local community so you can be confident the money you spend, will go a long way towards helping Sri Lanka’s tourism industry boom once more.

They also have a partner company Planeterra which runs charitable initiatives to help communities help themselves for long term benefits. For example, providing training to lead to employment and business opportunities. Most G Adventure tours visit at least one or two of these projects and the Sri Lanka Encompassed group tour was no exception.

Is it safe to travel to Sri Lanka?

You may be wondering if Sri Lanka is safe to travel to? It’s a tricky question to answer as at the moment, our world is in a precarious position with terrorist attacks occurring all over the world. Yes, Sri Lanka was targeted in early April. But terrorists have attacked London, Paris, New Zealand, Turkey, Bali and so many more places in recent years.

My personal opinion is that we cannot halt our travel plans and sit at home, wrapped in cotton wool. The terrorists would win. The risks have now been downgraded, the government has conducted a very thorough investigation, travel insurance is valid again and Sri Lanka is ready to welcome you with open arms.

Travelling Sri Lanka with G Adventures is a safe way to see the country as you will always have travel companions and a guide to watch your back and someone will always know your whereabouts.

I commented many times during my 2 weeks in Sri Lanka, about how safe and comfortable I felt. Far more safe than I have felt in other countries in Asia! I personally would not hesitate to return to Sri Lanka which is now one of my favourite countries that I have visited.

Right, let’s get onto the good bit and talk about what you can expect on a Sri Lanka Encompassed tour with G Adventures! I’ll outline some of the highlights from each day on tour, discuss the pros and cons of travelling Sri Lanka with G Adventures, answer some frequently asked questions about group tours and offer you some post-trip advice.

Check out the Sri Lanka Tour I took here

G Adventures Sri Lanka Encompassed Itinerary – How I spent my 2 weeks in Sri Lanka

Day 1 – Arrival

You can arrive at any time and in the evening there is a group meeting followed by dinner together in the hotel to get to know your tour group.

Day 2 – Colombo to Negombo

The trip starts properly on day 2 with a quick tour of Colombo’s highlights before transferring to Negombo. We spent a lovely afternoon exploring Negombo’s canals seeing the colourful fishing boats, the mangroves and the wildlife including meeting some very cheeky monkeys. After a fantastic first day, we relaxed on our hotel beach, watching the sunset with a cocktail.

Day 3 – Negombo to Sigiriya

The morning began with a tour of Negombo’s busy fish markets. We then headed toward the cultural triangle where we climbed the 1200 steps up Sigiriya’s Rock Fortress, a world heritage site. The views at the top were well worth the effort and we cooled off with a dip in the pool back at the hotel.

Day 4 – Dambulla cave Temples to Minneriya National Park Safari

The day began with a trip to Dambulla Cave Temple, a series of 5 beautiful caves containing ancient artwork and buddha statues. (Make sure you take socks as you’ll have to ditch your shoes and walk on the hot granite rock!)

This was followed by a tour of a village, seeing rural life in Sri Lanka. We learnt to make hoppers – a traditional breakfast food before our exciting elephant safari at Minneriya National Park.

This was an optional extra but definitely worth the money. We saw so many elephants, many just a few metres from us, some with babies. There was plenty of other wildlife here but the baby elephants stole the show.

Day 5 – Kandy

On our 5th day, we travelled to the bustling city of Kandy. Along the way we stopped at a spice plantation for an informative tour and a short but sweet ayurvedic massage.

Lunch was at the Sthree project -one of G Adventure’s partners Planeterra projects in Sri Lanka. Here women run a social enterprise encourage women in hardship or people with disabilities into work by running their own creative businesses and selling their wares in the shop. They also make delicious lunches and the proceeds get ploughed back into the enterprise.

That afternoon after arriving in Kandy, we checked out The Temple of The Tooth – one of Sri Lanka’s most important and grandest of temples. We then squeezed in time to go to a traditional Sri Lankan drum and dance performance.

I was so impressed with our hotel that night. Not only was it pretty luxurious but wow, the views from the balcony across pretty Kandy Lake…

Day 6 – Kandy to Tamarind Gardens Homestay

The following morning we had some free time which I chose to go for a proper Ayurvedic massage after my little taster session the day before. I felt completely rejuvenated afterwards. You could also choose from the many things to do in Kandy such as visiting the botanical garden, going shopping or walking around the Kandy lake.

We then drove to another Planeterra project, this time a homestay at Tamarind Gardens an hour or so outside of Kandy. I will be writing a separate article about this amazing place so please watch this space…

At Tamarind homestay, the family run a dairy farm whilst also running several projects to benefit those who live in the nearby village. This includes running a project where women are recycling rice bags into tote bags as well as helping women start creative businesses such as incense and jewellery making to avoid having to work in the mines.

They are in the process of building some classrooms where they will be teaching apprenticeships free of charge to those who leave school with little qualifications.

One of the schemes I particularly loved was their goat project. They provide one family with two goats to breed. They then have to return one kid to the farm which is paired with another goat to help another family. The original goats and any other offspring then belong to that family to use in what way they like to help make money for example breeding or using to make goats cheese etc.

That afternoon we were shown around the village and had the opportunity to mingle with the locals before enjoying some delicious food in the evening.

Day 7 – The Tea Plantations and Nuwara Eliyah

After bidding farewell to the wonderful family at Tamarind Gardens we set off on our journey to Nuwara Eliyah in the highlands passing through beautiful lush scenery along the way. Our trip took us to a tea plantation where we learnt how to choose and pick the right leaves and then had a tour through the tea factory followed by some tea tasting. Alas it was not enough to convert me to tea but I did enjoy taking some photo in the tea plantations.

Make sure you pack a jumper for Nuwara Eliyah as it’s at higher altitude and can actually get pretty chilly, especially in the evenings. It’s nicknamed ‘Little England’ and it’s easy to see why. Not only is the weather reminiscent of back home but also the colonial houses and some of the scenery. There were even stags roaming on the moors!

In the afternoon there is spare time. You could spend this shopping in the markets or go for high tea on the manicured lawns at the prestigious Grand Hotel.

Day 8 – Horton Plains and the Ella Train Jouney

We made an early start leaving at 4 am to drive to The Horton Plains for a hike starting at sunrise. The scenery was beautiful and so different to elsewhere in Sri Lanka. Having made such an early start, we were back at the hotel in time for a quick shower before we took our much-awaited train journey to Ella.

Widely recognised as being one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world, the journey to Ella was no ordinary train ride. We had 3 hours of beautiful lush scenery, tea plantations, forests and mountains and of course trying to get that iconic ‘leaning out of the door’ photo everyone wants for their Instagram!

Day 9 – Ella Rock and Nine Arch Bridge

It’s another early start today to walk to Ellas Rock. Unfortunately I’d sustained a knee injury so didn’t manage to make it but instead enjoyed some time chilling out in charming little Ella full of quirky bars and cafes and, art galleries and gift shops. Those who did the walk also loved it and said the scenery was brilliant.

That afternoon our team reunited and we walked (well I hobbled) to Nine Arch Bridge, a particularly scenic place to see the blue train come past. Expect crowds and lots of people taking selfies. However, it really is beautiful nonetheless.

Day 10 – Little Adams Peak Hike and Yala National Park

For anyone who didn’t hike to Ella Rock, you can see a similar view from a different side of the valley on Little Adams peak hike. It’s a short one so you can be up and back down in about 90 minutes. Which is handy because after a quick shower, we were on the road again headed for Yala National Park – one of the places I was most excited to see.

In the afternoon we went out on our first Yala safari in the hope of catching sight of a leopard. Yala National Park is one of the best places in the world to see Leopards as it actually has the worlds highest concentration of leopards. We got lucky, not only with a sighting of a leopard but also more elephants, monkeys, crocodiles, buffalo, deer and birds. Safari at Yala National Park was without a doubt one of my highlights of this Sri Lanka group tour.

Day 11 – Yala National Park to Mirissa

In the morning, we had the opportunity to take another safari at an additional cost. I cannot get enough safari time so I signed up immediately. Sadly no more leopards but plenty of monkeys, deer and this time we saw a mongoose and a monitor lizard which was very cool.

That afternoon, we headed for our base for the final 3 nights, beautiful Mirissa. We stopped briefly at Tangalle to admire the beautiful beach and get a drink but we got to the hotel in time to enjoy a bit of pool time.

Day 12 – Day trip to Galle

The main activity today is an afternoon trip to Galle, a fortified city founded by the Portuguese colonists in the 16th century. The lighthouse is the main feature point and its a beautiful spot for sunset. However, make sure you don’t miss browsing some of the galleries and gift shops in the narrow lanes, it’s a brilliant place to find the perfect souvenir. There are also a LOT of jewellers so if you want to nab yourself some beautiful gemstone jewellery to remind you of your trip to Sri Lanka then here’s a great place to do it. I bought some beautiful solid silver drop earrings set with rose quartz for a bargain price of $50!

After you’ve shopped until you dropped, check out some of the bars and restaurants which line the streets. The minibus will usually pick you up about 9pm to head back to Mirissa.

We had the morning to ourselves to enjoy the many things to do in Mirissa. I and my roomie got up early and headed for the iconic photo spot Coconut tree hill. After getting our photos (and yes it is as pretty as it looks in photos) we went to Secret Beach in Mirissa.

So ‘Secret Beach’ isn’t actually so secret these days with street signs pointing the way! But whilst it might not be a secret, it’s also not really widely known or crowded either. It’s a pretty little beach with a protected lagoon for swimming and a little beach bar. We spent a blissful few hours relaxing and swimming in the lagoon before heading to a little surf bar called ‘Aloha’ for lunch – I’d highly recommend it there, the food is amazing!

Secret Beach in Mirissa

Read more about Secret Beach here

Day 13 – Free time in Mirissa

Day 13 was a free day in Mirissa so if you missed Coconut tree point or The Secret Beach, you’ll have another chance today. Other popular activities include surfing at Weligama beach (with waves suitable for complete beginners and advanced surfers) and whale watching.

Mirissa is one of the best places in the world to see Blue Whales which are huge. They are the size of a double-decker bus! Very cool! I’d recommend going with the company G Adventures suggest as some boats chase the whales and can be unethical. However, our boat kept a good distance at all times so as to not distress the Whales. We saw plenty of boats that did not follow this rule… So whilst I would recommend whale watching in Mirissa, I’d urge you to be selective about which company you choose. G Adventures will certainly be able to help!

Day 14 – Departure day

The trip ends after breakfast on day 14 so feel free to leave at any time it suits you. Most of the goodbyes are done the previous night at our farewell meal. I have a few suggestions for how to spend a few days after your trip ends, so keep reading if you have more than 2 weeks in Sri Lanka..!

My Review of G Adventures Group Tour Sri Lanka Encompassed. 

Our Group

  • Our CEO (that’s ‘chief experience officer’) U.D, was incredibly helpful and informative. He was a font of knowledge, especially where Sri Lanka’s history and religious beliefs were concerned, always giving us extra tidbits of information everywhere we went.
  • The rest of the group was made up of 10 travellers. We were a mixed age group with the youngest being in her 20’s and the oldest, a couple in their 70’s who explained travelling with people younger than them, keeps them young! A mentality I loved! I enjoy travelling on G Adventures classic tours with a mixed age group but if you’d prefer to travel with people your own age only, G Adventures does offer 18-39 tours and National Geographic tours which are more pricey and usually attract an older audience.

The Good

  • We had a brilliant tour leader who made travelling around Sri Lanka, an absolute breeze!
  • The itinerary was fantastic covering most of Sri Lanka’s highlights plus a few places off the beaten track that we wouldn’t have found otherwise.
  • The itinerary included trips to Planeterra projects so we felt we were having a positive impact on the communities where we travelled.
  • It was a great way to meet other like-minded travellers and the trip was really sociable.
  • The standard of accommodation was brilliant (we’ll touch upon that more in a bit, stay tuned…)
  • There are no single supplements so you are not penalised for being a solo traveller.

The Bad 

  • I can honestly only say good stuff about my trip to Sri Lanka however if I’m getting really picky, I would love an additional day in Ella town which I fell in love with.

Click Here To See The Tour I Took In Sri Lanka

Would I recommend this Sri Lanka group tour to my besties? 

Absolutely! If you’re looking for a trip which combines gorgeous scenery, beautiful beaches, amazing wildlife, adventure, culture and mouth-watering food, then the Sri Lanka encompassed group tour of Sri Lanka is right for you. 

Frequently asked questions about G Adventures Tours in Sri Lanka

How many people are there on a G Adventures group tour in Sri Lanka? 

There will be a maximum of 16 people on a G Adventures Classic tour. However, not all tours are full and on my trip, there was 10 of us which was a great number.

Enough people that there will be at least a few you click with and not so many that you feel like sheep being herded from attraction to attraction! I have travelled with other companies with packed buses of 30+ tourists and I vowed I would never travel like that again. G Adventures strikes the balance perfectly.

Will I have my own room on a G Adventures tour?

There is an option to pay extra if you want a room to yourself but otherwise, you will be matched with someone of the same gender and similar age. If there is an odd number of travellers, you may get lucky and score your own room anyway.

But actually sharing a room with someone who is like-minded and shares your love for adventure can be fun – kind of like reliving your teenage slumber parties! You may even find a new friend for life…

What is the accommodation like on a Sri Lanka group tour? 

I was seriously impressed with the standard of accommodation on this Sri Lanka group tour. I chose the Classic tour so the accommodation is a bit more classy than on a shoestring 18-39 tour. Whilst most places we stayed were 3*, many felt like more. We were often greeted with tropical fruit juice on arrival and generally treated like 5* guests.

The rooms were spacious, clean and comfy and we had air con, wifi, ensuite bathrooms and a balcony everywhere we went. We even came back to our rooms once to find our fluffy white towels had been moulded into the shape of a dog!

There was one homestay and also a night of glamping in Yala National Park where the accommodation was more basic but very comfy and in these places we had fans to keep us cool at night. I loved our glamping tent – complete with comfy beds and even our own bathrooms.

How will we get between places? 

Many G Adventures trips use a mixture of public and private transport but since public transport isn’t always the safest in Sri Lanka (crazy crazy drivers,) we were chauffeured everywhere in a spacious, comfy, private air-conditioned van. Our driver was fantastic, getting us safely around Sri Lanka even when we had a face-off with a huge male elephant!

How much money will I need for the Sri Lanka Encompassed trip? 

This depends on your style of travel. If you want to order what you like off the menu, eat only in nice places, enjoy a few cocktails and say yes to all the extra activities like additional safaris then I would aim to spend up to $350 per week, so 2 weeks in Sri Lanka could cost up to $700.

I spent around $350 per week but indulged in two extra safaris and an ayurvedic massage. I also enjoyed my food and drink without really thinking too much about it and bought several souvenirs including some beautiful silver earrings from a gem shop. So I wasn’t really watching the pennies closely!

If you were on more of a tight budget, you could easily aim for $200-250 per week (or $500 total for 2 weeks in Sri Lanka) with meals costing on average about $8-10 (including a soft drink or two.) All breakfasts and occasional lunches and dinners were included within the price of the trip. Most activities were also included.

Will I have to carry my luggage everywhere? 

Actually, no! Firstly, our private minibus delivered us right to the hotels where we were staying each day. Also, it’s customary that the bags get delivered to and picked up from your hotel rooms. The tipping was managed from a group kitty overseen by our CEO so there was absolutely zero hassle and I felt spoilt rotten. (Please tell me to get real if I start to turn into a bit of a princess..!)

What if I need some time to myself? 

The great thing about G Adventures tours is that it is up to you how much you join is. There’s no pressure to join in every activity or eat every meal together and there’s enough free time that you can relax in whatever way suits you. I was feeling shattered one night and behind on work so I opted to stay at the hotel to get some work done and have an early night. No one batted an eyelid.

That said, you form close bonds on trips like these so often most people choose to eat together.

Is Sri Lanka safe for female travellers? 

I felt so safe the whole time I was in Sri Lanka. I found Sri Lankans to be warm, welcoming and very polite. In fact, Sri Lanka has a very low rate of crime against tourists and the crime rate, in general, is fairly low.

Was there wifi at the hotels?

Yes, every place we went to had wifi with the exception of the homestay. As expected, there were some places where it was faster than others but in general, we were well connected with the online world!

You can also pick up a sim card very cheaply with plenty of data on it.  

Is Sri Lanka ok for vegetarians and vegans? 

Absolutely. We actually commented on how easy it would be to be vegetarian in Sri Lanka. There are lots of delicious curries without meat, for example, Dhal, pumpkin and mango curries all of which were delicious.

I want to stay a few extra days at either end of the trip. Can G Adventures help me organise that? 

G Adventures can arrange accommodation pre and post-trip in the same hotel where you start and end the tour and can usually obtain a slight discount off the regular room price for this purpose.

If you are going to tag on any extra days, I’d suggest adding them on at the end. There’s not much to see in Colombo whereas Mirissa is a lovely beach town to relax in. It’s also close by to some other great places to visit like Galle and Dalawella beach where I spent an additional night.

Is there a loyalty scheme for G Adventures?

G Adventures offers a 5% discount off your next trip when you fill in your post-trip feedback forms.  

What is the best time to book a trip to Sri Lanka with G Adventures? 

This will depend on which trip you book in Sri Lanka as the rainy season is different in certain parts of the country.

April – September is the best time to visit Sri Lanka if you are visiting the North and East.

However, this Sri Lanka Encompassed group tour focussed on the west coats, central hilly regions and the southern coast. Therefore the best time to visit will be during the dry season between December and March.

I was in Sri Lanka from the 16th of March until the 6th of April and had nothing but glorious sunshine. However, the weather we experienced wasn’t completely typical for Sri Lanka. It was much drier and hotter than normal, even the locals were feeling the heat!

What should I pack for a G Adventures group tour? 

Even though your luggage is transferred from the bus to your hotel room, it’s worth packing light if you can. You’ll be on the move frequently so it’s much easier if you just take what you need and no more.

I’d highly recommend taking some packing cubes to help keep you organised on the move. I usually have at least 3 cubes – one for clean clothes, one for laundry and one for underwear, swimwear, my quick dry towel, PJs and a sarong (all the things you need to access quickly.)

Sometimes I use a packing cube for all of my electrical items but my new Osprey backpack has so many pockets I didn’t need to this time.

Sri Lanka isn’t short of beautiful scenery and wildlife so you’ll want to take a decent camera with you. I use the Sony A7iii but if you’re looking for a lightweight, cheaper option then I’d recommend this one or this one.

As for what to wear in Sri Lanka, keep in mind that it is a conservative country and you will have to dress appropriately especially when visiting temples. I’d advised floaty trousers and skirts in a lightweight material that hang below your knee. Also lightweight, quick-drying cotton t-shirts which cover your shoulders and aren’t low cut.

Whilst many women wear bikinis on the beach, I would suggest a swimsuit is more appropriate and less likely to offend. I saw a few women wearing thong bikinis on the beach near Unawatuna and I felt really uncomfortable knowing how conservative the locals are. It just seemed disrespectful.

It’s also worth mentioning that there were times I really wished I’d bought my head torch with me. Especially when camping and at the homestay.

Are there other G Adventures tours in Sri Lanka? 

Absolutely. There are a huge variety of G Adventures Sri Lanka group tours varying from 7 to 32 days. There are trips combining Sri Lanka with either India or the Maldives, sailing trips, National Geographic trips with plush accommodation and a focus on wildlife and shoestring tours for 18-39 year-olds for a bargain price of $830 for 12 days! That’s just $69 per day!!

See other G Adventure Tours Here

The trip I took was a Classic (middle of the range) trip which lasted for 14 days visiting most of Sri Lanka’s highlights. I’d love to go back and visit the North on a sailing trip next time…

Post-trip recommendations for if you have more than 2 weeks in Sri Lanka

I would highly recommend adding on a few extra days at the end of the trip. This group tour is jam-packed full of awesome things to do so you may just want to indulge in some chill time before your board your flight.

You could stay in Mirissa where the tour ends. It’s a lovely place with plenty of things to do and lovely beaches to visit. However, there are 3 nights in Mirissa included on the G Adventures itinerary and I found this was enough time to get a good feel for Mirissa and so I chose to move on for my final night.

I have 3 alternative suggestions for how you could end this trip and go home feeling rested and relaxed after your 2 weeks in Sri Lanka.

Option 1 – Dalawella Beach – if you only have a few days.

After bidding a fond farewell to my Sri Lanka G Adventures family, I got a taxi to Dalawella beach which was about a 45-minute drive. It is a quiet village with a beautiful beach about 10 minutes away from the busier beach town of Unawatuna. You may have seen photos of the Instagram-famous palm tree swing. Dalawella is where you’ll find it.

But aside from this photogenic spot on the beach, it’s just a really lovely place to relax. The best thing about Dalawella is that it’s safe to swim thanks to a wall of rock creating a lagoon safe from the ferocious Sri Lankan waves! I stayed in a rustic wooden beach hut, ate my weight in Sri Lankan curries whilst I still could and swam in the warm lagoon. It was a wonderful end to my Sri Lankan adventure.

Read more about Dalawella Beach here

Option 2 – Sailing in North Sri Lanka – great to explore a different side to Sri Lanka

Consider tagging on another G Adventure Sri Lanka trip but this time on a sailing trip exploring the small islands, villages and reefs by sailboat. The trip starts and finishes in Jaffna, a more remote city in the North which gets a lot of its influences from India. It’s a great place for exploring colourful Hindu temples.

Option 3 – A Maldives Dhoni Cruise

After my few days at Dalawella beach, I hopped over to the Maldives on a surprisingly cheap flight from Colombo to Male. I’d always thought the Maldives were for honeymooning loved up couples only and had resigned myself to having to wait until my time came.

But then I discovered G Adventures also offered sailing trips in the Maldives. We spent a relaxing yet adventurous week snorkelling, diving, island hopping and swimming with sharks, turtles and dolphins. If you have an extra week then I’d highly recommend tagging on a week in the Maldives. It’s way more affordable than you’d think. (It’s also currently on sale!)

Read more | 9 Reasons to go sailing in the Maldives.

Read my Maldives reviewSee the Maldives trip directly

Hopefully, this Sri Lanka group tour review of the G Adventures Sri Lanka encompassed trip has helped to answer all of your questions about what to expect on an adventure group tour. However, if you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments box below!

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During my 2 weeks in Sri Lanka, I was hosted by G Adventures. However, all opinions remain my own as always. This is my 7th trip with G Adventures and only the first where I have collaborated with them and I think that probably speaks volumes about how much I like and respect them as a company! G Adventures remains my favourite small group adventure tour company and I have since travelled with them to The Maldives.

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